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The Healing Power Of Nature

Discover the healing power of our natural detox products and natural weight loss drinks. Made from 100% natural ingredients, every one of our limited products is carefully created to be powerful and beneficial. You’ll find no harmful chemicals or toxins. Just pure, premium quality natural detox products designed to boost your wellbeing through natural healing.

Therapeutic Detox Patches & Weight Loss Green Coffee

As our bodies age and change, our health can decline, taking our confidence and overall well-being with it. Find relief from existing ailments and feel good, both inside and out. Browse some of the best detox products Australia to assist with natural weight loss, energy, and improvement with health issues.


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Foot detox patches - Miracle Detox® Therapeutic Patches

Our Miracle Detox® Therapeutic Patches are non-invasive, scientifically developed to naturally draw out unwanted toxins and excess fluid from the body, helping to relieve swelling and inflammation to reduce associated pain. ARTG 292475
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Vicky Mar Naturals Weight Loss Coffee Black


Weight Loss Coffee-Black is highly anti-oxidant, may assist to suppress your appetite, burn excess levels of fat fast, promote a feeling of well-being, and may help you to achieve your ultimate weight loss goal safely and naturally. Includes 7 natural ingredients.
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Vicky Mar Naturals Weight Loss Coffee Vanilla

Our Weight Loss Coffee-Vanilla is also highly anti-oxidant, may assist to suppress your appetite, burn excess levels of fat fast, promote a feeling of well being. Coffee-Vanilla is a smooth blend with 11 natural ingredients.
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100% Natural,
Premium Ingredients

We are passionate about the healing power of nature, so our formula for each product has at its core precious herbs – nature’s gift to humanity for thousands of years, to bring to you 100% natural products that are free of chemicals or any side effects.
Vicky Mar Naturals Ballerina

Vicky Mar is your
guarantee of excellence

For 45 years, Vicky Mar has been renown in the fashion industry for the highest standards in quality, style &  elegance.

These standards have remained high in Vicky’s search to find quality, effective, natural products with proven results to benefit your well-being.

In 2009, following a very long, exhaustive search, Vicky Mar created her own exclusive
Weight Loss Green Coffee product. This was the only way to ensure that all ingredients were beneficial and of premium quality – the best available worldwide.

Vicky then obtained TGA approval for the natural Miracle Detox® Therapeutic Patches that help absorb excess fluid and undesirable toxins from the body and alleviate swelling and inflammation to reduce associated pain.

The Weight Loss Green Coffee combined with the non-invasive Miracle Detox® Therapeutic Patches can assist in weight loss,  remove toxins from the body and help improve general well-being.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products, scientifically formulated in Australia and manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards and good manufacturing practices.
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