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Welcome to Vicky Mar Naturals, your number one shop for Weight Loss Coffee and Therapeutic Detox Patches.
My dedication to offering you the very best products, focusing on quality, premium ingredients, benefits your well-being.

When I first started in the fashion industry, my passion was to help women look and feel great in beautifully tailored, high-quality clothes. As the years went by, I realised I had to find a way to help people feel good on the inside as well – and that’s how Vicky Mar Naturals was born.

I have made these achievements with the love, support, and trust of my Family, Team, and Clients over the years; Thank You.

I hope you achieve your health and well-being goals, and enjoy these products as much as I enjoy offering them to you.


Vicky Mar Signature – Founder of Vicky Mar Naturals

Vicky Mar – Founder of Vicky Mar Naturals 

Where it all began – Vicky Mar Fashions

Vicky Mar’s fashion label was established in 1976, starting as a small, ladies’ fashion retail outlet. By 2020, Vicky Mar had become a ladies’ fashion designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler, with stockists of the label in all states of Australia.

For 45 years, Vicky Mar dressed Australian women with stunningly elegant and feminine creations for any occasion, be it an after five formal event, a wedding, the office, or a family gathering. Vicky Mar became a symbol for Quality, Style, and Elegance. This reputation, earned over decades, and her experienced team worked tirelessly to guarantee consistency in the quality of craftsmanship and the designs’ timeless elegance.

Vicky Mar Naturals - Vicky Mar Fashion Expo
Vicky Mar Fashions - Wedding Expo
Vicky Mar’s Philosophy

The Vicky Mar philosophy is that every woman has the right to look chic, no matter her body shape. That is why the label is one of only a handful that manufactured all of the designs from sizes 8 to 24.

Vicky realised that as the years go by, our bodies slowly change and, for some, health declines – so feeling good on the inside is very important.  So, Vicky Mar started searching for a unique product to offer her customers to help them look and feel better.

Weight Loss Coffee

To achieve her goal, Vicky and her team conducted many years of research and testing to find a quality, effective, natural product with proven results.

In 2009, following a very long, exhaustive search, Vicky Mar created her own exclusive Weight Loss Coffee product. This was the only way to ensure that all ingredients were beneficial and of premium quality – the best available worldwide.

Therapeutic Detox Patches

Just a few years later, Vicky obtained TGA approval for Miracle Detox® Therapeutic Patches that help absorb excess fluid and undesirable toxins from the body, which may alleviate swelling and inflammation to reduce associated pain.
This product, combined with Vicky’s Weight Loss Coffee, can help remove toxins from the body, assist in weight loss and can help improve general well-being.

Today, Vicky Mar Naturals offer 100% natural, premium quality products with proven results, manufactured
with the assistance of one of the world’s best scientific and pharmaceutical research and development teams.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!
Contact us or find out more about our Weight Loss Coffee and Therapeutic Detox Patches

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