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Carapace Powder

Crayfish carapace powder is a natural absorbent chosen for its superior ability to draw out heavy metals, promote the healing of wounds and for its antibacterial properties.

Health Benefits of Carapace Powder

Carapace Powder is a natural absorbent that draws out heavy metals and promotes the healing of wounds.
As an antibacterial, Carapace Powder is very effective at preventing the growth of bacteria in the body.

Its Importance and Healing Power

Carapace Powder contains chondroitin sulphate, a protein-polysaccharide complex that has been used to treat joint degeneration and is being studied for various applications in tissue engineering.

Several other properties of the Carapace Powder have attracted much scientific and industrial interest in fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, food science and wastewater treatment. These properties include:

  • biocompatibility (not having toxic or injurious effects on biological systems),
  • biodegradability (environmentally friendly products capable of decomposing back into natural elements),
  • non-toxicity,
  • antimicrobial activity.

Carapace Powder is used in water purification. By spreading the carapace over water’s surface, it absorbs any toxic substances, greases, oils, or dangerous heavy metals. The layer of dirt which forms on the water surface is then easily removed.

Carapace Powder is another essential ingredient in the Vicky Mar Naturals Miracle Detox® Therapeutic Patches.

Carapace Powder
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